Accessibility Fund

We have a wonderfully welcoming scene in Oxford, and the festival is run entirely by volunteers to keep costs as low as we can.

Yet, we can and want to do more. We would like to offer everyone regardless of their economic circumstances the chance to join in with the festival, learn from our wonderful teachers and meet you. To that end, if you are able to chip in with an optional donation at the ticket purchase, it would go to a fund for helping those in vulnerable economic situations to join us at the festival.

Get in touch with us if you would like some help with joining us at 

Any unclaimed money will be donated to a local charity that shares our aims to make music and dance available to disadvantaged people.

We will notify everyone of the final tally after the event. (Note: our contributions to carbon offsetting our event and associated travel is coming from a portion of any profits we generate, and not from this fund.)

Please donate what you feel comfortable with. We thank you for helping us be more inclusive.