Compete at Oxford Swing Festival

This year we are introducing a new style of Mix & Match: the All Seasons Mix & Match! We will be pairing up advanced dancers with newer dancers to create something magical!

Competition Format:
– Prelims (Saturday 8pm): 3 social dances rotating partners
– Finals (Saturday Party): 3 dancers from each role/level category will make finals (i.e. 6 couples total)! Format will be: all skates + 60 sec spotlights.

NB: Places will be limited to 15 competitors for each role/level category. Deadline for online registration is 5th January, so get registering!!!!

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Oxford Swing Festival Schedule

We’re still ironing out the exact schedule for classes, but as many of you will be wanting to arrange your transport and accommodation here are the start and end times for the weekend. Note, everything takes place in the same venue: Oxford Town Hall.

Friday 10th Jan
Welcome dance – 20:00 ’til midnight

Saturday 11th Jan
Winter+ Audition – 09:20
Main Track Classes – 10:00 – 17:00
OSF Ball – 20:00 – 01:00 (Lindy), – 02:00 (Blues room)

Sunday 12th Jan
Classes – 10:00 – 18:00
Farewell Dance – 18:30 – 21:00

Exact start and finish times are subject to change as we’re still nailing down the final details of tasters and other extras.