We have have three evening dances lined up for you with plenty of fantastic live music and excellent DJs from Oxford and beyond!

We are thrilled to welcome The Last Chance Ragtime Band back to the Oxford Swing Festival! The Last Chance Ragtime Band is a group dedicated to putting jazz on the dance floor. Their musical inspirations are the New Orleans Jazz Bands of Frenchman Street, and LCRB plays music especially crafted for swing dancers from greats such as Jelly Roll Morton, Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman, Louis Prima, Louis Armstrong and Hoagy Carmichael. They are popular with dancers all over the UK and kept us glued to the dance floor in the past few years. 

Following up from their superb OLX debut, the Big-R-Big-Band will be returning to Oxford for our Saturday night party with their sensational big band sound.  Dashing, debonair, dandy and dapper, this 16 piece band are  firm favourites on the Bristol swing dance scene and can be found swinging across the rest of the country. 

  • Jon Turps
  • Matt Ellacott
  • George Jackson
  • Mark Sawko-Michalski
  • Amélie Tingsnäs
  • Dom Valentine