Trisha Sewell

This will be Trisha’s third time teaching at OSF, and it never ceases to amaze us how much we continue to learn from and be inspired by her!
Trisha has been teaching internationally since 2003, and was influential in growing the Authentic Jazz scene here in the UK. As well as being an accomplished musician, she has had formal training in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, and musical theatre since the age of 5!
We’re excited to be welcoming Trisha back to Oxford teaching the Solo Jazz track, sharing her historical knowledge, her love of the dance, and her ability to have a good laugh!
Sep Vermeersch
Sep joins us this year, to share his contagious energy and the values of social consciousness . When he isn’t wow-ing us with his dancing, Sep is a strong advocate for sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and inspiring others to follow suit.
Sep is a versatile swing and jazz dancer known for his positive energy and dynamic movement. He started as a ‘spontaneous’ dancer, shakin’ it in bars and at parties, which probably explains his unique and musical dancing style 
He is a true all-rounder, and you will find him teaching, performing, organising, MC-ing and DJ-ing at events around Europe!

Lindy Hop

Cátia Fonseca & David Afonso
Photograph: Alexandr Karpovich

David & Cátia were one of our most loved couples at Oxford Swing Festival 2020 and so it was a no-brainer for us to invite them back! They’re everything we want OSF to be: super friendly, hard working, and just as passionate about dancing with everyone on the social floor as they are about geeking out in class. You asked to see them again, and we are oh-so-happy to oblige!

Marta Stawicka & Alexey Kazennov

These two are the ultimate social dancers: always the biggest smiles on the floor, creative, playful, and many more adjectives we simply cannot fit into one bio! You can catch them traveling, teaching, and competing all over the world, sharing their passion and inspiring others to find their own personal dance style through their classes.

We are over the moon to have them join us in Oxford, and hope you’re all looking forward to being part of Alexey’s iconic end of party “survivors photo”
LaTasha Barnes & Stephen Atemie
Joining us all the way from USA is LaTasha Barnes!
LaTasha’s first encounter with Lindy Hop was a little different to a lot of us – one Sunday afternoon when she was about 4 years old, her great-grandmother took her hand and led her into a swing out!
Today LaTasha is dancer, choreographer, educator, and tradition-bearer of Black American Social Dance. She is globally celebrated for her musicality, athleticism, and joyful presence in throughout such art forms as House Dance, Hip-Hop, Waacking, Authentic Jazz, and Lindy Hop, to name a few.
We can’t wait to appreciate and learn more from LaTasha about this family tradition of dancing, and the jazz ….
Partnering with Latasha Barnes is none other than Stephen Atemie!
Stephen is widely recognised in London for his infectious smile, laugh, and the energy he brings to any class! Stephen began an apprenticeship with Angela Andrews in 2018 to delve deeper into the roots of jazz dance, and with Ron Leslie to further explore Lindy Hop, and himself has a wealth of knowledge to share with us!
He is a board member of Collective Voices For Change, and advocate for cultural and racial equity within the Lindy Hop and Jazz scene. Stephen is also a recent recipient of the Frankie Manning Foundation Scholarship Grant, and we cannot wait to see much much more of him, his dancing, and his future projects!