There are four Lindy Hop tracks at the Oxford Swing Festival and a Solo Jazz track! Please choose the track based on your ability, experience and preferred learning style and then scroll to the bottom of the page for the link to our bookings page.

Weekend passes are £149.99 and include the classes in your chosen track and all three evening parties.   

Tickets go on sale at noon on the 23rd October 2022!

Important: Please read the level descriptions carefully before committing to a track. Note that track descriptions refer to your preferred pace of learning as well as your dance experience. If you’re not sure which track is right for you, ask one of the teachers in your home scene for advice. 



Most or all of the following statements apply to me:

    • I’m familiar with some of the core shapes and movements of solo jazz dance and/or I know some classic routines (e.g. The Shim Sham, The Tranky Doo).
    • I’d like to gain experience and confidence in my solo jazz dancing
    • I want to learn how to break out of patterns and routines and learn to improvise to the music on my own.
    • I’m ready to take charge of my learning with guidance from expert teachers!

Lindy Hop


Most or all of the following statements apply to me:

  • Perfect if you are just starting out, have some dance experience, and have attended a few Swing classes or workshops. You are eager to learn more!
  • This level will focus on Lindy Hop and Charleston roots and fundamentals, and developing a comfortable partner dance connection. We will take time to break down, explain, and demonstrate new material and ideas.

Most or all of the following statements apply to me:

    • Perfect for those who are already comfortable with classic shapes such as the swing out, lindy circle, tuck turn, charleston variations, and other basic 8 and 6 count material.
    • You social dance regularly in your local scene, and have a fundamental understanding of lead and follow. 
    • This level will focus on building lead and follow technique, exploring variations on your classic vocabulary, as well as introducing new more challenging material. 
    • The pace of learning will be a bit quicker in this class, but new ideas will still be broken down. Rather than just executing steps, be prepared to explore concepts such as musicality, groove, and improvisation.

Most or all of the following statements apply to me:

    • Perfect for those who are already confident with classic Lindy Hop and Charleston steps, as well as variations on these, and are comfortable improvising with this vocabulary. You are also comfortable with some classic solo routines (Tranky Doo, Big Apple etc). 
    • You social dance regularly in your local scene and elsewhere, have a good understanding of lead and follow, and are comfortable dancing at a range of tempos. 
    • This level will focus on advancing your quality of movement, musicality, and ability to play with rhythm and connection.
    • Classes will push your ability to learn, watch and replicate material. You are ready to work on more advanced concepts, and begin to answer your own questions.

Winter (auditioned)

This level is auditioned.

  • Perfect for those who dance fluently, creatively and musically at a wide variety of tempos. You are comfortable dancing any idiom under the Swing umbrella, and mixing solo and partner dancing.
  • You dance regularly at festivals in the UK and internationally, and also practise to develop your own dancing and ideas. You may also teach, perform, or compete.
  • This level is for those looking for an inspiring challenge. Classes will involve not only watching and replicating material, but injecting your own personal style. 
  • This level will involve dancing in both solo and a partnership, and working on difficult rhythmic or conceptual ideas. Be ready to take home complex ideas to continue learning later!