The team organising the festival are only part of the equation: we couldn’t run OSF without volunteers to welcome to help run a  successful festival!

All our past events have had glowing feedback for the wonderful team before, and we need you again!

It will be fun, exciting and rewarding to have a hand in making this large event a success.  Here are some of the tasks you could be helping us with during the event: set up and set down of the venue, checking in the ticket holders, and any potential merchandise sales.

It’s all pretty simple stuff, but it does need many hands on deck to run things smoothly. We’ll take you through a dry run of these and you will always have a designated volunteer coordinator and the general committee for support. If you are taking classes, none of your duties will clash with your classes, and we’ll always make sure you feel comfortable. We have two categories:

    1. Volunteers: We’ll need 10-12 of you willing to commit to a total of 1h30min across the entire weekend – you can always indicate you’re happy to do more! In return, you will have our gratitude and an OSF 2023 Tea Towel.
    2. Super volunteer: We’ll need three of you. You’ll be happy to commit to 3-5 hours each day of the festival. On top of our heartfelt thanks and the OSF T-Towel, you’ll also receive a 50-75% discount for the full weekend festival!
The whole volunteer team is also entered into a prize draw for free entry to OLX 2023! If you would like to join us, please get in touch with us on with the subject “OSF 2023: Volunteering” and whether you are interested in joining as a volunteer or a super volunteer.